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Computer monitors

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There are many computer monitors in Australia. Almost every home and office has at least one monitor, if not more.

The Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Determination for computer monitors ensures the energy efficiency of products in the market and assists consumers to make choices that will reduce their energy consumption, costs and carbon footprint.

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Minimum Energy Performance Standards  

Energy Rating Label  

Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (Computer Monitors) Determination 2014




In Australia, this product is regulated under the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Act 2012. 

In New Zealand, the relevant legislation is the Energy Efficiency (Energy Using Products) Regulations 2002. Visit the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority website for more information.  

What products are covered?

Products covered by this Determination include computer monitors that:

  • are designed to be connected to 230 or 240 volts mains voltage using either a direct connection, an external power supply that is permanently connected to the product, or an external power supply that can be disconnected from the product, and
  • have a diagonal screen size equal to or less than 152 cm (60 inches).

The Determination only covers products that:

  • are commercially available
  • have a display screen and associated electronics
  • are encased in a single housing, and
  • as their primary function display visual information from a computer, workstation or server, including via a wireless connection.

Refer to section 5 of this Determination for more details

What products are not covered?

The following products are not covered by this Determination.

  • Electronic displays used exclusively for digital signage or digital picture frames.
  • Electronic displays used exclusively for advertising.
  • High-performance electronic displays.
  • Specialised electronic displays.
  • Combined products.
  • Public displays.
  • Products classified, marketed or sold as televisions or TVs.

Technical requirements  

For technical requirements regarding computer monitors, including testing requirements and Minimum Energy Performance Standards, review the relevant Determination and standards.  

The following standards are referenced in this Determination and are available for purchase online. The versions of the standards that apply are the versions that existed on 13 June 2014, when the Determination came into force.


  • Standards Australia Limited
    • AS/NZS 4665.1:2005 Performance of external power supplies Part 1: Test method and energy performance mark
    • AS/NZS 5815.1:2012 Information technology equipment - Energy performance of computer monitors Part 1: Methods of measurement of energy performance
    • AS/NZS 5815.2:2013 Information technology equipment - Energy performance of computer monitors Part 2: Minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) and energy rating labels
  • European Committee for Standardization
    • EN 55103-1:2009 Electromagnetic compatibility—Product family standard for audio, video, audio-visual and entertainment lighting control apparatus for professional use – Part 1: Emissions, as it existed on the day this Determination came into force.


Minimum Energy Performance Standards   

The Minimum Energy Performance Standards for computer monitors are set out in section 2 of AS/NZS 5815.2:2013.

Testing your product  

Your product must be tested in accordance with sections 2 and 3 of AS/NZS 5815.1:2012.

If your product is designed to be connected to 230 or 240 volts main voltage via an external power supply that can be disconnected from the product, then the tests must be conducted:

  • if the product is supplied with an external power supplywith the supplied external power supply
  • if the product is not supplied with an external power supplywith an external power supply which has a Mark III energy performance mark in accordance with AS 4665.1:2005.

Labelling requirements  

For computer monitors supplied (or offered for supply) in retail stores, each product must have an Energy Rating Label attached so that it is not obscured when the product is displayed. The label must be attached in a way that discourages removal of the label in store, either attached on the top of the monitor or directly to the screen or mask.

See section 7 of the Determination for more information on the labelling and communication requirements for computer monitors.

Visit the Labelling page for general labelling information and resources.

Energy Rating Label (super efficiency variation) for Computer Monitor showing 7 to 10 stars
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