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Pool pumps

Underwater bubble jets within a swimming pool


Swimming pool and spa pool pumps supplied in Australia need to display an Energy Rating Label and meet Minimum Energy Performance Standards.

This assists pool owners to make informed decisions based on the energy efficiency of the pumps and thereby help to reduce their energy costs.

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Minimum Energy Performance Standards  

Energy Rating Label  

Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (Swimming Pool Pump-units) Determination 2021




In Australia, this product is regulated under the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Act 2012. 

This product is currently not regulated in New Zealand. Visit the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority website for more information.  

What products are covered?

The Determination covers pool pump units designed for swimming pools and spa pools over 680 litres, that are:

  • single-phase
  • designed for use in connection with a pool for the circulation of water through pool filters, sanitisation devices, cleaning devices, water heaters (including solar) or through spa or jet outlets or other features forming part of the pool, and
  • capable of a flow rate equal to or greater than 120 litres per minute.

In addition, pool pumps must be within the following nameplate input power ranges to be covered.

  • For single speed pumps — between 600 and 1700 watts.
  • For two speed, multi speed or variable speed pumps — between 600 and 3450 watts.

If the electrical input power isn’t shown on the pump rating label, you can determine the nameplate input power (for the purposes of deciding whether the pump unit is covered) by multiplying the nameplate input current by 230 volts.

For the purposes of the Determination, a pump unit is the combination of electric motor, pump, hair and lint pot, controller and all plumbing fittings/filters supplied with the pump unit.

Refer to section 11 of the Determination for more details.

What products are not covered?

The following products are not covered by this Determination.

  • Pump units that are capable of a maximum flow rate that is less than 120 litres per minute.
  • Single speed pump units with nameplate input power of less than 600 watts or more than 1700 watts.
  • Two speed, multi speed or variable speed pump units with nameplate input power of less than 600 watts or more than 3450 watts.

Technical requirements  

For technical requirements regarding pool pumps, including testing requirements and Minimum Energy Performance Standards, review the relevant Determination and standards.


The following standards are referenced in this Determination and are available for purchase online.

  • AS 5102.1-2019 Performance of household electrical appliances – Swimming pool pump-units, Part 1: Measurement of energy consumption and performance.
  • AS 2706-2003 Numerical values – Rounding and interpretation of limiting values.
  • AS 1217.2 Acoustics — Determination of sound power levels of noise sources, Part 2: Precision methods for broad-band sources in reverberation rooms.
  • ISO 3741 Acoustics — Determination of sound power levels and sound energy levels of noise sources using sound pressure — Precision methods for reverberation test rooms.
  • ISO 3743-1 Acoustics — Determination of sound power levels and sound energy levels of noise sources using sound pressure — Engineering methods for small movable sources in reverberant fields — Part 1: Comparison method for a hard-walled test room.

The versions of the standards that apply are the versions that existed on 17 December 2021, when the Determination was made.

Minimum Energy Performance Standards   

The Minimum Energy Performance Standards are set out in sections 13 and 14 of the Determination.

Stock before 1 October 2022

Products that are covered by the Determination and meet the Minimum Energy Performance Standards are required to be registered from 1 October 2022 before they can be supplied in Australia, regardless of when they were imported or manufactured.

Products covered by the Determination that don’t meet the Minimum Energy Performance Standards, and which were manufactured in or imported into Australia before 1 October 2022, can be sold until existing stock is exhausted. You must not sell any stock that was manufactured in or imported into Australia after 1 October 2022 if it doesn’t meet the Minimum Energy Performance Standards.

It is not illegal to own a non-complying pump, if it was supplied prior to the new requirements commencing on 1 October 2022. The Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Act 2012 applies only when the product is supplied or offered for supply.

Testing your product  

Pool pump units must be tested in accordance with sections 3 to 7 of AS 5102.1-2019, except for the requirements in Clause 5.9. The sound power of the pool pump must be tested in accordance with AS 1217.2ISO 3741 or ISO 3743-1.

To see the information required for registration, see Test Results in the hard copy Energy Rating Product Registration system form. There is also a sample test report form in AS 5102.1:2019.

See section 15 of the Determination for more information.

Additional information for testing

  • How many tests are required?

    Only one sample test is required. However, you can test multiple units and use the average result for some values.

  • Where can I test my product?

    You can test in any laboratory, even an in-house laboratory.

    However, information and reports submitted with your application will be assessed for registration by an assessor. Your product may also be selected for subsequent compliance testing to verify your test results.

Labelling requirements  

An Energy Rating Label must be included in, adhered to, printed on or part of the packaging for each pool pump unit supplied (or offered for supply) in a retail store.

In addition, when pool pumps are displayed in a retail store, there must:

  • be at least one label clearly visible for the display
  • if some models are not packaged — be a label adhered to, printed on, part of or attached to (by double-sided swing tag or non-rotating single-sided swing tag) each unpackaged pool pump
  • if all models are packaged — be a label adhered to, printed on or part of the outside of each package.

For more information, refer to section 20 of the Determination.

See Labelling for generic labelling information and resources.

Energy Rating Label for Pool Pump showing 1 to 10 stars

Useful resources

  • Registering a product

    Visit the How to register a product page for information about the registration process and requirements.

    The registration fee for pool pumps covers one model or a family of up to 10 pumps.

    Pumps within a family must have the same energy performance characteristics relevant to complying with the GEMS level requirements including motor type, nameplate rating, and pump-unit classification. All models in the family must be included on a single test report.

    You need to include all the names the pump is sold under in your registration so that the Regulator is aware which pumps form the family of models.

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