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Tips for using your computer and monitor efficiently

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Using your computer and computer monitor efficiently

  • Turn it off when not being used

    Leaving the computer or monitor on when it is not being used is wasting energy and your money, even if it has gone into sleep mode. Turning it off at the wall, or using an energy saving power board, will reduce the costs even more, so you can avoid paying for electricity used while your monitor is in stand-by mode.

  • Use the power saving features

    Some computers and monitors come with a range of power saving features such as power down, sleep and hibernation modes. Check the product manual for ideas about how you could use these features to reduce electricity consumption and costs.

  • Turn down the brightness

    Some monitors come with adaptive brightness that adjusts to the surrounding lighting. If your monitor does not have this feature, reduce the brightness on the monitor to the lowest setting that is still comfortable for use. The brighter it is, the more energy it will use.

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