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Tips for using your television efficiently

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Running your television efficiently

  • Turn it off when not being used

    Leaving the television on when no-one is watching is wasting energy and money, even if it has gone into sleep mode.

    Turning it off at the wall, or using an energy saving power board, will reduce the costs even more, so you can avoid paying for electricity used while your television is in stand-by mode.

    If you like to have some background noise, consider using a speaker or radio, which use much less electricity than televisions.

  • Locate the screen away from sunlight

    The glare from sunlight makes a television difficult to watch, and usually means the brightness is turned up, increasing energy use. Position the screen away from sunlight, or even better, darken the room and turn the brightness down for extra energy efficiency.

  • Use the power saving features

    Some televisions come with a range of power saving features such as a power saving mode or automatically reducing the brightness based on your environment. Check your television manual for ideas about how you could use these features to reduce electricity consumption and costs.

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