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Consultation RIS: Lighting

This consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) considers policy proposals to improve the energy efficiency of residential and commercial lighting in Australia and New Zealand.

The objective of the proposed government action is to address these existing regulatory and market failures. Problems include:

  • Consumers being exposed to inferior LED products that are negatively impacting on consumer confidence and uptake of this more efficient technology
  • Minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) have not kept pace with improvements in lighting technology and international best practice and therefore are no longer achieving their purpose of removing the least efficient lamps from the market
  • Imperfect information, combined with an increased diversity of lighting alternatives, that makes it difficult for consumers to meaningfully compare the energy efficiency, quality and performance of lighting technologies or be motivated to do so given the low purchase price
  • Split incentives whereby commercial and rental property owners and some builders have no incentive to purchase more efficient but higher upfront cost products as there is no incentive for them to reduce electricity or replacement costs.

See Consultation RIS: Lighting Submissions for publicly available consultation submissions.

161221 Consultation RIS - lighting PDF 10.88mb 161221 Consultation RIS - lighting DOCX 8.51mb
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