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Consultations ETWG (Energy Technology Working Group) Products under review

Industrial Boilers

The Commonwealth Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, on behalf of the Committee overseeing the Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Program, together with the Industrial Equipment Technical Working Group (TWG), have developed papers to provide a technical understanding of industrial pumps, compressors and boilers. These papers also investigate how the E3 Program could be expanded to include these products in Australia and New Zealand.

This discussion paper covers the boiler market and scale, technical specifications, current equipment test methods, and energy standards.

Broader industry views are being sought about the issues identified in the paper, and to improve upon the available data to inform the development of a Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement.

A set of questions are provided in Section 4 of the paper. Stakeholders are encouraged to work through these questions while reviewing the paper.

Technical Discussion Paper-Boilers PDF 339.81kb Technical Discussion Paper-Boilers DOCX 112.36kb
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