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Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios SEER Calculator

This Excel spreadsheet allows air conditioner companies to enter test values and calculate Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (SEER values) based on AS/NZS 3823.4:2014 Amendment 1 Air-cooled air conditioners and air-to-air heat pumps – Testing and calculating methods for seasonal performance factors. This calculator can assist product testing and development for the proposed changes to air conditioner regulations. It was created for E3 by Vipac Engineers and Scientists and is provided as an estimation tool only and should not be relied upon for official SEER values. Following adoption of the new standard, the registration system will automatically calculate the SEER ratings from inputted test results.


31/01/2018 This updated version clarifies the text for the minimum cooling capacity questions on the ‘Multi Stage AC’ and ‘Inverter AC’ tabs.


07/07/2019 Note this calculator calculates star ratings based on the Measured results entered. The GEMS Registration system, in accordance with the 2019 Determination, calculates the SEER star ratings for air conditioners based on Rated values. If you wish to use the calculator to check a product’s SEER star ratings use the Rated values for the product.

SEER calculator31012018 XLS 2.2mb
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