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Registration fees and payment

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Paying fees

Fees must be paid to register or vary the registration of products in Australia, to cover the costs of registration assessment and compliance monitoring.

The fee will be paid as part of applying to register a product (or vary a registration) in the Energy Rating Product Registration System. Surcharges apply to payments, which are supplied by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Do you need to register multiple models as part of your application?

Registration fees are the same for a single model or family of models application, saving you money.
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Registration fees

There are currently four registration fee bands, ranging from $440 to $780 depending on the product. 

Registration fee per product
Amount Products

Ballasts for fluorescent lamps

Clothes dryers

Clothes washing machines

Compact fluorescent lamps

Computer monitors



Double-capped fluorescent lamps

External power supplies

Extra low voltage lighting converters

Incandescent lamps

Set top boxes

Swimming pool pumps


$540 Electric water heaters

Gas water heaters

Electric motors

Large commercial air conditioners

Household refrigerators and freezers

Residential and small commercial air conditioners


Chiller towers

Close control air conditioners

Commercial refrigerated cabinets

Distribution transformers

Variation fees

There are currently two variation fees. Both fees are $210. These fees apply to:

  • varying a registration to cover additional models
  • assessing a test report to verify that a previously registered product meets newly introduced testing requirements.
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