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Have your say

We are committed to achieving the Equipment Energy Efficiency Program objectives of improving energy efficiency and reducing energy costs for consumers and businesses. To do this we undertake continual improvement of our program through: 

  • regular review of existing legislation and requirements 
  • revision and development of new energy efficiency standards and regulations. 

Consultations with community and industry stakeholders are a vital part of our review and development processes. The consultations we undertake ensure any proposed changes to Determinations are feasible, effective, and will deliver tangible benefits for consumers and businesses. 

Depending on the nature of the project, we may undertake consultations through: 

  • public forums 
  • invitations for formal submissions 
  • our online consultation hub. 

We value your knowledge and experiences and would appreciate you sharing them with us. Your input can help shape our energy efficiency requirements and continually improve our program and projects. 

Check the list of open consultations below for opportunities to get involved. 

Have your say on open consultations

Previous consultations


Make a submission on the draft regulator performance omnibus bill

The Australian Government consulted publicly on the draft Regulator Performance Omnibus Bill to ensure it is informed by business and community expectations of regulators.

The proposed amendments would make it easier for the GEMS Regulator to administer the legislation and easier for suppliers to comply with its requirements. The amendments, while minor, would support the achievement of the objects of the Act by giving flexibility to help more energy efficient products be available in the Australian market. These amendments would:

  • reduce unnecessary administrative burden for both the GEMS Regulator and suppliers;
  • streamline processes for those regulated by the Act;
  • increase flexibility to reduce regulatory burden for business; and
  • reduce suppliers’ need to seek exemptions from requirements.

More information on the Bill is available on the Regulator Performance Omnibus Bill consultation page

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Equipment Energy Efficiency E3 Program Review GEMS Determinations Expiring by 2025

The Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Program conducted a consultation period to seek feedback on the review of GEMS determinations expiring by 2025.

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Residential Space Heaters in Australia and New Zealand

We invite submissions on the Product Profile: Residential Space Heaters in Australia and New Zealand. The product profile contains some questions that stakeholders may wish to consider as part of making a submission. We also welcome any other information or insights that you think could assist in the development of an energy rating labelling scheme that would enable consumers to make fair comparisons across different heater types.

Residential Space Heaters In Australia and New Zealand: Product Profile Document [HOLD LINK NEEDED] 

Slide pack on space heating Product Profile – presented 10 and 17 June 2021 (PDF) [HOLD LINK NEEDED] 


Ten responses were received. View six submitted responses where consent has been given to publish the response.

  1. Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturers Association of Australia (AREMA) and New Zealand (NZ) Heat Pump Suppliers Association
  2. Consumer Electronics Suppliers Association
  3. Daikin Australia Pty Limited
  4. Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association of Australia (GAMAA)
  5. Jetmaster Fireplaces Australia (JFA)
  6. Ke Kelit New Zealand Limited

The submissions provided information and in a few instances corrections on the product profile. We would like to acknowledge an error in the Residential Space Heaters in Australia and New Zealand on page 17, Figure 5, where an image of a gas flame heater is incorrectly labelled as a decorative heater. 

We value information received from the responses.

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