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2021 Residential Baseline Study for Australia and New Zealand for 2000 to 2040

The then Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (the Department), on behalf of the trans-Tasman Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) programme, engaged EnergyConsult to undertake an update of the Residential Baseline Study (RBS), an appliances and equipment energy use modelling tool of the Australian and New Zealand residential sector which was previously undertaken in 2015.

2021_rbs_methodology_report.v1.3 PDF 2.3mb 2021_rbs_methodology_report.v1.3 DOCX 1.2mb 2021 RBS_OutputTablesV1.9.2-AU XLSX 848.1kb 2021 RBS_OutputTablesV1.9.2-NZ XLSX 220.23kb power_demand_by_time_of_use_data XLSX 42.67mb
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