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GEMS Determinations

Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Determination set out the energy efficiency requirements that must be met.

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The Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Act 2012 (GEMS Act) provides for Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Determinations (GEMS determination) to be made to establish that energy efficiency requirements that specific types of products meet before they can be supplied in Australia.

Determinations must contain one or both of the following.

  • GEMS level requirements – which establish Minimum Energy Performance Standards for energy use or greenhouse gas production.
  • GEMS labelling requirements – which cover Energy Rating Label requirements for a particular product, or other information that must be communicated when selling the product.

Determinations may also include other requirements relating to efficiency levels, functionality, the environment and human health.

Making and updating Determinations

Determinations are made by the Energy Minister, with consent by a quorum of States and Territories.

Determinations may be updated or replaced to reflect new or modified Minimum Energy Performance Standards or labelling requirements. New Determinations may also be developed for products that are not currently regulated.

Changes to Determinations may mean some previously registered products no longer meet the updated standards and may no longer be supplied in Australia. When a Determination changes, previously registered products may also need to be re-registered against the new standards.

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