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Products under review

Find out which products are having their energy efficiency requirements reviewed.

Going over every detail - planning for the future.

The Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Program publishes a list of appliances and equipment that may be considered for review of existing energy efficiency requirements or investigation for the development of new requirements. This list is referred to as the E3 Prioritisation Plan.

The current E3 Prioritisation Plan is the E3 Prioritisation Plan 2021-22. This plan shortlists 34 products and projects, and identifies 26 of these as ‘top priority’ and 8 as ‘medium term’ priority. The E3 Prioritisation Plan 2021-22 is complemented by an advisory report, which provides an assessment of the potential impacts and costs of regulating a range of different appliances and equipment. This advisory report informed the development of the E3 Prioritisation Plan.

Once a product is being reviewed or new requirements are being developed, it takes a takes a minimum of three years for new requirements to be introduced. Visit Consultations to see a list of any consultations currently underway, and information about how we consult when developing new or revised requirements.

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