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Gas water heaters

Historical Energy Efficiency data - February 2021

The below file contains historical energy efficiency data for gas water heater products registered in the Energy Rating Product Registration system from the beginning of the program in April 2012 to February 2021. This information was publicly available for each product via the Energy Rating Product Registration system, and removes products…

Feb 21 Historical data for gas water heater XLSX 198.38kb
Discussion paper
Gas water heaters

Gas Appliance Energy Efficiency Labelling

This report addresses whether or not the current Australian gas appliance labelling scheme should transition to come under the control of the E3 Program, whether it should be formally expanded to New Zealand, and whether or not the scope of products included in the scheme should also be expanded.

120417-Gas-Labelling-Discussion-Paper_0 PDF 1.23mb
Regulation Impact Statement
Gas water heaters

Phasing Out Greenhouse-Intensive Water Heaters in Australian Homes

This Regulation Impact Statement was prepared to communicate the potential costs and benefits arising from the proposed phase-out of greenhouse gas intensive hot water heaters from existing Australian houses.

Decision_RIS_-_Phasing_out_greenhouse_intensive_water_heaters_in_Australian_homes_Nov_2010 PDF 1.46mb
Regulation Impact Statement
Gas water heaters

Proposal to Introduce a Minimum Energy Performance Standard for Gas Water Heaters

This publication is the Regulatory Impact Statement Consultation Draft - Proposal to Introduce a Minimum Energy Performance Standard for Gas Water Heaters. It is a regulatory impact statement (RIS) proposing the introduction of common minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) in Australia and New Zealand for gas water heaters (GWH).

200807-ris-gwh(1) PDF 2.5mb
Gas water heaters

Gas Water Heater

This presentation is on gas water heaters by Shane Holt, from the Department of Environment and Heritage's Australian Greenhouse Office. Why are we really here? Revised Gas Work Plan (next 18 months) Present overview Release discussion draft Interim measures for gas water heater label …

2006-gas-holt PDF 303.48kb
Gas water heaters

Energy Labelling of Gas Water Heaters: Maximising the Potential Benefits

This report, prepared by George Wilkenfeld and Associates, reviewed the effectiveness and further potential of the Australian Gas Association (AGA) energy labelling program for gas water heaters.

Report_-_Energy_Labelling_of_Gas_Water_Heaters_-_Maximising_the_Potential_Benefits PDF 358.54kb