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Save energy, save money, reduce emissions

The Energy Rating website provides information about the Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) program. We increase the energy efficiency of appliances to reduce energy use, reduce emissions and save you money.

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Get to know the Energy Rating Label

The Energy Rating Label helps you understand the energy use and running costs of common household appliances.

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The Energy Rating Label is part of the Equipment Energy Efficiency Program. We help energy consumers like households and businesses save money on their energy bills.

Learn everything you need to know as a consumer by browsing this section of our website.

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If you are a retail or trades professional and supply a product in Australia and New Zealand that is regulated for energy efficiency, you have legal obligations to ensure that these products are registered, and if required by the legislation, that Energy Rating Labels are displayed at point of sale.

If you're an importer, manufacturer or supplier of products regulated for energy efficiency in Australia, there are legal requirements you must meet.

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